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“One of the best things about PCFerret is that it can give you information on the browser media and cached URLs that are most visited, letting you see what others have been up to on the computer.” – Broadcaster.

Top Features

  • Detailed System Report
  • Find Files By Type
  • Browser Cache Media Detection
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Windows Events Errors and Warnings tool
  • Reboot Operations report and user-defined options
  • File Hash Generation tool
  • Modern, integrated context-sensitive help
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and 11
  • PCFerret Pro contains no ads, nag screens, or disabled features. No unwanted, additional software is installed with PCFerret Pro. For your security, PCFerret Pro is digitally signed.


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PCFerret Pro

Do You know what’s hiding on your PC?

PCFerret Pro is a free Windows system information and data retrieval tool. It has been designed to find things on a PC that may be difficult to find, undesirable, or intentionally hidden. PCFerret Pro is an ideal tool for parents, schools, and businesses alike. It’s easy to use and the award-winning user interface makes it suitable for both the computer novice and the IT professional.


Digital Certificate Signature (setup.exe – after unzip)

SHA-256 Hash Value (
148569F58F6617E777BE569EB61E9375F624BE00D233FFC371D5BEA78C8E89A6 (What is this?)

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